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Descripción gráfica de la actual situación española

Si en Burgos han podido… ¿porqué en el resto de España no?
Viñeta de Atxe.
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The Shadowhunter’s Codex (part 20)

One of the drawings I did for the Codex! (looks like someone got their copy early and posted photos!) I had the pleasure of being Clary’s hand for the book and drawing her doodles. (In this case, Jace) 

Drew some good ‘ol Clary and Jace! (TMI written by @CassieClare )


Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments ( @CassieClare ) and Nick from Demons Lexicon ( @sarahreesbrenna ). Are they embracing? Fighting? Or having a party? I suspect with those two it could very well be all of the above. Cuz that’s how Demons do it. 

fromshadowstoink asked you:

Hello Love, for one I must say you are absolutely a stunning artist and though you must here that a lot I know we all have our low days and I just wanted to remind you ^_^ Also, I have a request if you find any blank spots in your busy non stop day of working and other requests but here it is: Could you or have you done anything with Nick from The Demons Lexicon and Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments? Either fighting or in an embrace, though I wonder who would win the battle :)

I don’t know about Nick and Seb, but this is definitely how Sarah and I roll in our rented Italian villa. (Villa sounds very grand, but is basically a big brick house, with extremely high ceilings and a kindly man named Roberto who comes by every day to see if we have accidentally electrocuted ourselves. We are in the middle of nowhere, which is good because we both have books to finish.)

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